Shelley Eslick-Watkins  IFBB Pro-13x19 Wall Calendar  (on High quality page)

Shelley Eslick-Watkins IFBB Pro-13x19 Wall Calendar (on High quality page)

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Shelley Eslick-Watkins is a mom, wife, grandmother, friend and athlete.  She was born and raised in Spokane, WA by two wonderful parents who taught her the importance of family.   She lost her father after a battle with cancer in 2016.  Shelley being true to the values taught to her by her parents, honored her father by building a brewery.  An industry he spent the vast majority of his working years up till his retirement.   Shelley is the principle owner of Millwood Brewing Company located in the heart of Spokane & an IFBB Professional Athlete.

Shelley was a late bloomer to the sport of Body Building.  At 57 she has come to love the sport and it is an activity that consumes her.  What she has learned from nutrition and exercise has elevated her passion and hence has become an inspiration to so many.  After 3 years of dedication, she achieved one of her goals by attaining two Pro Cards in 2019.  Her goals have elevated as an IFBB Pro. She will be hitting the Pro circuit in 2020.

Shelley is so blessed to have her family and that family now extends to others in the sport of Body Building.  She has met some incredible people who bleed positive energy along her journey, and for that she is truly thankful… From Shelley Eslick-Watkins IFBB Pro